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PadMaster 2000

Manufacturer: Brackett

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Simple, Speedy, Instant Pads on a Tabletop!

At 600 pads per hour, Brackett’s Padmaster lets you make pads three times faster than hand padding. It reliably and quickly produces tightly glued pads of forms, notepads, tablets, reports, computer printouts, etc.

With its short learning curve, this easily operated tabletop padder allows you to quickly become a proficient pad maker. Just drop loose paper sheets into the jaws and push a button – Padmaster 2000 does the rest of the work:

It clamps the sheets, carries them across the hot melt glue roller, across the water-cooled roller, to the delivery chute where the clamp jaws open and release your finished pad down the delivery chute.~ All in less than six seconds ! !