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Frequently Asked Questions
Brewer Company, Inc. is your source for sales and service of hardware & software solutions for paper processing. We offer a wide range of equipment from folding and inserting machines, addressing machines, duplicators, tabbers, joggers, paper shredders and check processing equipment to currency and coin counting systems.
How do I know which machine is right for me?
We analyze your current needs and match your application with your best options. We have many years of experience recommending proper equipment to our customers.
Do you sell supplies for my machine?
Yes. We sell supplies for all the equipment we sell and service. To mention a few: ink rolls for check signers and document imprinters, encoder ribbons, laminating film, time clock ribbons, keys, time cards & badges, binding supplies, tabs for tabbing equipment, shredder bags and oil, signature plates and seals for document imprinters.
Do you demo machines?
Yes. We offer no obligation demonstrations on most of our equipment.
Do you provide service for my new machine?
We service all brands of equipment that we sell.
Can I get service for a machine I did not purchase from you?
Yes. Our service department will be happy to help with machine problems, preventative maintenance, and parts. We offer service contracts and as-needed service calls.
How do I place a service call?
Call 800-343-9701. Please have Brand, Model, and serial number ready for faster processing.
Can I purchase an extended service contract on my machine?
rewer Company always offers an extended warranty to customers.
How do I change the ink roll on my check signer?
Inside the ink roll container you will find a pair of disposable plastic gloves. Open the cover of the signer. Remove the pin in the ink roll shaft. Then pull the shaft out of the old ink roll and then discard the old ink roll. Put the shaft in the new ink roll and install pin. Turn the red knob clockwise 4 or 5 full turns. While running paper through turn the red counter clockwise in ¼ increments until you see the imprint that you desire.
How often should I oil my shredder?
It depends on how you use your shredder. If you shred constantly then oil the machine every 15 minutes. Otherwise it is best to oil your shredder every time you change the shredding bag. For Strip-Cut models oil one to two times per bag and for Cross-Cut models, oil the shredder four to five times for every bag change.

We carry an excellent automatic oiler on several models that eliminates the need to oil yourself and will add years to the life of your shredder!